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East Midlands Trains welcomes your dogs with open arms and treats

How to be a good boy when travelling by rail. dog-happy
© East Midlands Trains - YouTube

A British rail company has conducted a major poll about dogs and rail travel – and followed up with a complete guide to taking dogs on trains.

By G. John Cole , 18 May 2019

The great railroad adventure: it calls every dog, and the majority of owners are keen to comply. Just over half of British dog owners won’t go on holiday without their dog, and a similar number prefer their dog to their romantic partner as a travel companion.

Ticket for one and a half

Dogs are more charming and civil, they snore less, and are more courteous about sharing bed space than partners, according to a poll of dog owners conducted by East Midlands Trains. (It’s worth pointing out that almost half of dog owners reckon the onboard conversations that come about when travelling with a dog could lead to a date).

As such, dogs are better travelled than some human homebodies. The average dog – if any dog can be said to be average – covers 500 Earth miles every year, and sees three foreign lands over the course of their little life. Around 18% of dogs have made it to a festival at some point. Meanwhile, a quarter of British humans don’t even have a passport.

But dog-owners and non-dog-owners alike have noted that dogs aren’t always made welcome on Britain’s railroads. One third of owners believe dogs aren’t allowed, while others just consider it impractical, citing their dog’s bulk or drooling as being sticking factors – while 55% are worried their dog will get too excited about his rail trip. Surely that’s the point!

How to keep your dog on the rails 

Acting on this research, the apparatchiks at East Midlands Trains have come up with a wizard idea: they’ve produced a video that trains owners how to best take to the rails with their dogs, and an accompanying pdf for dogs and their owners to peruse in the taxi to the station.

And they have put their money where your dog’s mouth is by “rolling out a range of pup-friendly provisions, including dog bowls at main stations and doggie treats (donuts bespoke for canine consumption) on board, to make travelling with pooches even easier, they claim.

It is not known whether the company intends to create a behaviour guide for dog owners’ partners.