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Homeless dog ends up saving toddler’s life

Pitbull and toddler are best friends dog-happy
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Brutus, a large Pitbull, was first found by his neighbours, who noticed him cowering in the next door’s back yard.

By Justine Seraphin , 18 May 2019

Realising how scared and skinny the dog was, the neighbours started to wonder whether anyone was living in the home and taking care of him. They called a rescue group known as Unchain Oklahoma, who quickly came to check out the situation.

Rescued from his misery

The house had indeed been abandoned, and the dog had been left to fend for himself. It was later discovered that Brutus’ owner had moved, simply leaving her dog behind.

The dog was taken into Unchain’s care, and became a confident, happy, well-behaved boy. It took several years before he was adopted, but it was worth the wait.


This sweet boy is Brutus, a 1.3 yr old male who is very dog friendly, neutered and vaccinated. He deserves a loving family and indoor home. He also needs a foster.

Posted by Unchain OK on Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Amber Bragg and her 2-year-old son Jason saw something special in Brutus. But they had no idea just how special this beautiful dog was. During his first week with his new family, Brutus proved how good a boy he was.

A special dog

“One night, we were all sleeping, and then he hit me in the face, was trying to wake me up,” Amber told FOX23 News Tulsa.

Once awake, Amber realised Brutus was trying to lead her to her son’s room.

“When I looked over at my baby, [he] was convulsing and having a seizure,” she continued.

Brutus had never been trained as a therapy dog, yet, it seemed he had an innate ability to predict when Jason was about to have a seizure.

In fact, it happened again only a few weeks later. “Brutus went into the bedroom, grabbed him by his shirt collar, pulled him up, and started barking until we got there.”

“I feel like he’s in better hands with that pit than he is with anybody,” Amber said. “If it wasn’t for that dog, he may not be running and playing like he is now.”

Now, Brutus has been certified as a therapy dog, and is visiting nursing homes and hospitals to share his special gift with the world.

From being abandoned and left alone and scared, to becoming a child’s hero, this dog certainly hasn’t let the world take the better of him! Way to go Brutus!