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Pit bull accidentally destroys his favourite pillow and has the sweetest reaction

Pit bull loves heart-shaped red pillow dog-wow
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Draco the pit bull was heartbroken when his best friend, a heart-shaped pillow with arms, ripped in front of his eyes…

By Alice Lang , 17 May 2019

While most people’s best friends are sentient, Draco’s isn’t. This adorable pitbull found friendship in the most unlikely of places - a red, heart-shaped pillow which also happens to have arms.

They’re the best of fur-ends

Through the hard times and the good, Draco’s favourite pillow has brought him the ultimate comfort. The young pit bull takes his pillow buddy absolutely everywhere with him and treats it like his prized posession.


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“If anyone else picks up his pillow he will dart over and grab it,” Allie O’Cain, Draco’s owner, told The Dodo. “He sucks it every single day to fall asleep.”

But one day, Draco’s red pillow was almost destined for the rubbish bin. When his other friend, a black Labrador called Willow, came round and attempted to snuggle with the pillow, Draco got a little overprotective.

Rushing over to Willow to grab his pillow back, he accidentally ended up ripping it open. As the stuffing started to fall out, Draco was visibly heartbroken.

By the way guys, yes, this is the most dramatic story we’ve ever written about a pillow…

Nan to the rescue!

​​​“We think [the pillow] was so worn out it just easily ripped. My mom freaked out and grabbed it and yelled, ‘I’ll fix it, Draco!” Allie explained.

Allie’s Mum quickly took to the sewing machine and began the life-saving operation on Draco’s red pillow. Well, you can always rely on Nan, hey?

“The whole entire time Draco’s head and paws were peeked over. He was whining and trying to reach it with his mouth.”

Check out the adorable snaps of Draco eagerly awaiting his beloved pillow’s recovery, blow. “He acted as if his wife was in surgery," Allie revealed on Facebook. Adorable, huh?!