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Girl working at drive-through has the sweetest reaction to dogs showing up at her window

Dogs sitting in the car at drive-through dog-happy
© Charity Jesionowski - Facebook

Charity Jesionowski didn’t expect her drive-through coffee shop job to be as entertaining, and downright cute, as it turned out to be.

By Justine Seraphin , 17 May 2019

When you think of a job where you’ll see tons of doggy faces every day, you might think of a shelter, a doggy day-care, maybe even a training centre…but you certainly don’t think of a coffee shop!

Doggies galore

Yet, dog owners bring their dogs everywhere – at least, when it’s possible. So it turns out that if you’re working at the window of a drive-through coffee shop, you’re likely to bump into a lot of wet noses and tongue-out smiles.

“I live in a very dog-friendly community so if I had to guess, I see about 30 dogs a day,” Jesionowski told the Dodo.

As a huge dog-lover nothing pleased her more. And so, she started bringing dog treats to work, so that she can give her canine clients a little something special too. Jesionowski also started learning their names, as the dogs started to recognise her as ‘the lady with the treats’.

Dog-treat latte, please

When things are slow at the shop, Jesionowski even takes the time to pull her phone out of her pocket so she can capture all the beautiful faces that drive by her window (and we’re still talking about the dogs here, of course).

“Sometimes it gets busy so I don’t have time to take pictures of all of them but we ALWAYS make sure they get a treat,” Jesionowski said.

We can’t even imagine the excitement these dogs feel when they realise their owners are pulling up at the drive-through. Its no longer a coffee-place…it’s definitely a doggy-treat place!

“It’s a big part of their little world and I love being a part of that!”

On behalf of all dogs, thank you Charity, for taking the time to make their days a little brighter.