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Dog owner in Carlisle fined £400 for refusing to microchip his dog

Make sure your dog is microchipped or risk a big fine dog-angry
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Following a successful court prosecution, Carlisle City Council are reminding dog owners to make sure their pet is microchipped.

By Dawn Parrish , 18 May 2019

£400 fine for man who refused to microchip his dog

Despite numerous attempts by Carlisle City Council to persuade him, Wayne Smith still refused to have his dog microchipped. His dog had previously been picked up by the stray dog patrol in the town and at the time he collected his pet, he was advised that he must get it microchipped. Despite several further reminders, this irresponsible dog owner still failed to do this.

Matter is referred to local Magistrates Court

A hearing date was set for 8 May, 2019 at Carlisle Magistrates Court. Even though Mr Smith failed to attend and place his plea, the case went ahead. The bench found that he was guilty of Failure to Microchip a Dog, Contrary To Section 3(1) The Microchipping of Dogs (England) Regulations 2015. In his absence, he was fined £220 plus a further victim surcharge of £30 and costs of £150 were awarded. This made a total penalty of £400.

Why its important to microchip a dog

Its not only vital that every canine has a microchip, but also that the owner’s details are kept up to date. Each microchip, which is around the same size as a grain of rice, contains necessary information that can be read by a scanner. In the likelihood of a dog straying, being stolen or lost, it can more easily be identified, and contact made with its owner.

Every dog over the age of 8 weeks, in England, Scotland and Wales is now legally required to have a microchip. Failure to do so can result in a fine of up to £500, although owners will have 21 days to ensure that their pet is chipped.

Microchipping session in Carlisle

Dogs Trust, in collaboration with Carlisle City Council, have arranged events to offer on-the-spot microchipping, for no charge, between 11am to 3pm on the following dates:

# Harraby Community Centre, Edgehill Road - Monday 3 June

# Petteril Bank Community Centre, Burnett Road – Monday 15 July


If you intend to visit to access this canine microchipping service, please ensure that your dog is on a lead. Any younger pups under 6 months old need to provide proof of vaccinations.

As a responsible dog owner, please ensure that your dog is microchipped and your details are current on the national database.


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