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Dog sneaks out of home to join his friends at doggy day care

Dog runs into day care centre
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Usually, you hear about kids skipping school to stay at home, or pretty much anywhere else than school. But Hugo is a dog, and dogs really don’t think the same way.

By Justine Seraphin, 17 May 2019

Happy Tails Pet Hotel and Playland is a day care and boarding centre for dogs in St. Louis County, Missouri. The company prides itself on truly being the best, happiest place for dogs to be – kind of like a pooch Disneyland, and Hugo really proved their point.


Hugo was not having it at home. There were none of his friends, none of the great Happy Tails toys, and his back yard just wasn’t as big. He knew he could only do one thing to turn his day around: go back to day care. Surely you don’t need dad’s approval for that, right?

And so, Hugo snuck out and amazingly, travelled over a mile to reunite with his day care friends! CCTV footage shows the moment he pranced into the centre, excitedly looking for all his buddies.


Meet our friend Hugo! Hugo is a frequent boarder here and last week Hugo ran away from home with only one thing on his mind... Happy Tails! Extremely lucky, Hugo ventured over a mile crossing a median on Lindbergh to see all his friends. Hugo came sprinting onto our parking lot and into the front door following one of our employees! We are so glad Hugo wasn’t hurt and told him next time to have his dad drive him! All dad could do was laugh as he picked Hugo up! . . . . . . #happytails #dogboarding #dogdaycare #dogoftheday #bestintown #doggieplaydate #doggiedaycamp #stl #314 #dogsofinstagram

Posted by Happy Tails Pet Hotel and Playland on Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Staff at the centre were quite confused when they saw him, as he wasn’t supposed to visit on that day. When they called Hugo’s dad, they immediately understood what had happened: Hugo missed his friends, and took matters into his own hands.

One lucky pooch

While the story is absolutely hilarious, Hugo could’ve been seriously injured…or worse, on his way back to day care. It was lucky that he didn’t get lost, or hit by a car.

No harm, no foul though right? That’s what Happy Tails and Hugo’s dad seem to think: “We are so glad Hugo wasn’t hurt and told him next time to have his dad drive him! All dad could do was laugh as he picked Hugo up!”

Hugo certainly did a great bit of advertising for his Happy Tails! Bravo to the day care for taking SUCH great care of their dogs! I mean, just look at those happy faces!