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Shy kitten just cannot stop cuddling the man who came to help her

Shy kitten cannot stop cuddling foster carer cat-wow
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Rescued kitten is so timid he is afraid of everything. But his new foster dad soon ends his worries.

By Dawn Parrish

Published on the 17/05/2019, 07:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:47

Two female cats and several kittens were rescued from a farm in Quebec, Canada. All of the felines were in very poor health, with several, obvious diseases. Michele, an animal rescuer, took them to the vet’s surgery, where they were diagnosed with skin infections and ringworm. It took several weeks before they were back to full health, and able to be adopted.

Only one shy kitten left to be rehomed

Simba, the most fearful of the kittens, appeared to be very timid and wary of other people. Michele contacted the Chatons Orphelins Montreal rescue centre for help, and they agreed to take the shy kitten into their care. Once the ginger kitten, who was now 8 months old, had been neutered, he seemed to spend most of his days sitting in his cage, afraid to come out and meet the staff at the shelter.

Timid kitten comes out of his shell

When Benoit, one of the volunteers at the Chatons Orphelins Montreal rescue centre decided he would like to help the shy cat, he came forward and approached the cat cage. Expecting the nervous kitten to back away from him, he was astounded to see that the cute cat walked straight up to him. Simba grabbed hold of Benoit’s arm with both paws and began to snuggle into him.

Fearful cat goes home with his new foster dad

Of course, Benoit was smitten with the cute ginger kitten. He decided to take him home, where the kitty very soon settled into his new life. The very first evening, Simba remained close to his new human friend, putting his paw out to touch him to make sure he was right next to him. The following day, the ginger kitten followed his new master around the home, cuddling onto his lap when he got the chance. If Benoit was working on the computer, Simba was right there with him.

No longer a shy kitten

Of course, Simba who was once a very shy and nervous kitten, still needs reassurance that he is now secure in his foster home. He loves to give Benoit hugs and reaches out with his paw for comfort. He now has so much confidence and is enjoying his new life every day.

Simba is still looking for his fur-ever home. If you can help this once very shy kitten, please contact Chatons Orphelins Montreal rescue centre.


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