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Rescuers amazed by how far this cat went to keep her kittens safe

Mum did everything she could to keep the kittens safe cat-wow
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A cat mum and her kittens were rescued from a heavy storm after nesting at the bottom of a garden.

By Ashley Murphy

Published on the 16/05/2019, 09:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:47

A resident of a town in North Carolina, USA, noticed that a stray cat had been hanging around at the bottom of their garden. They asked neighbours if they knew who the cat belonged to, but its sudden appearance remained a mystery.

A very special mothers day

Then, just in time for Mothers Day in the USA, the cat gave birth to four kittens. And although that was perfect timing, the following thunderstorms certainly weren't. The owner of the property decided to reach out to a local animal rescue shelter.

Stephanie Grantham is the Executive Director of Sparkle Cat Rescue. She began looking for a foster home but was struggling to find a suitable option.

Thankfully, a current volunteer named Sarah Kelly managed to recruit a new cat-loving foster family.

All they had to do now was rescue the cats.

“We were concerned about the rain and storms," said Stephanie. “Eventually the mom came out. We were so worried, so we had to rush to find her babies before they got rained on or cold."

What they then found warmed their hearts. Although mum was soaking wet, the kittens were completely dry. Mum had curled herself around the kitties, protecting them from the wind and the rain.


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Stephanie said:

"It was emotional, and we dug for what seemed like forever to find them. Mama had curled around her babies and was taking as much of the pouring rain as she could to shield them, which is why she was so wet."

Mum and kittens are doing well

The new family spent the rest of the Mother's Day weekend curled up in a warm bed, and we’re sure it won't be too long before they all find their forever home.


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