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5 Fun Facts to Celebrate Chihuahua Appreciation Day!

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Yes, there’s a day for that. And why shouldn’t there be? These tiny little dogs may not be for everyone, but they don’t leave anyone indifferent. Think about it – does anyone NOT know what a Chihuahua looks like? No! And that’s because they’re so charismatic.

By Justine Seraphin , 14 May 2019

Today, we celebrate these Mexican cuties by sharing the cutest pics and facts about the breed!

Fact # 1:

Chihuahuas hail from Mexico! They are an ancient breed that is believed to have been kept by the Toltecs as early as the 9th century!


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Fact # 2:

Chihuahuas weren’t always this small! Their ancestors were probably much larger than the modern breed we know today. It is thought that it was bred with the Chinese Crested at some point in their history, and that is what shrank them.


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Fact # 3:

Now though, they are the smallest breed of dog around! You might’ve guessed it anyway, but it’s true. If you’re looking for a dog that’s going to fit in your apartment and be easy to carry around, look no further. Brandy is the smallest Chihuahua in the world and is just 6 inches from her nose to the tip of her tail!


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Fact # 4:

You don’t mess with a Chihuahua. They may be pint-sized (hardly), but they’re definitely big dogs in little dog bodies! If you’re thinking of getting one, don’t ignore the importance of proper training!


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Fact # 5:

As if they weren’t baby-like enough, Chis have soft spots on their heads called a molera. Some have this throughout their entire lives. So don’t poke these pooches on the head! They’re very fragile!


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If you’ve got one or even a few of these cuties at home, today’s the day to show them a lot of extra love and attention! And make sure you share cute photos and videos online for all of us to see!

If you want to know more about Chihuahuas, you can go check out our descriptive breed sheet about them. Happy Chihuahua Appreciation Day!


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