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Emily Ratajkowski announced some amazing news: it’s a boy!

Emily Ratajkowski poses for picture dog-happy
© emrata - Instagram

World-renowned super-model/actress Emily Ratajkowski recently made a HUGE announcement on her Instagram page…and fans are so excited.

By Justine Seraphin , 14 May 2019

As if she didn’t have enough followers already, Emily is gaining a whole new fan-base thanks to the new addition to her family!

One happy family

On the photo she recently posted, you can see the model lying next to her husband, both cuddling with the newest member of the family: an adorable little puppy!

The photo description read: “Everyone out here having babies (Kim, Megan, Amy) but we got a new special guy ourselves. It’s a boy! Meet Colombo.”

Of course, this news was BIG to say the least, and thousands of fans have already liked the photo, congratulating the happy parents on the arrival of their new son!


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Cute, cuddly Colombo

While there have been rumours about Emily Ratajkowski’s potential pregnancy, it seems the couple have their hands full right now with a fur-son.

We’re pretty sure this pup will be just as spoiled, if not more, than Kim and Amy’s, children – maybe even more than Megan’s – little Archie, who may have even been named after a cat.

Will Colombo become even more famous than his mum? Only time will tell, but one things for sure, we’re definitely going to give Emily a follow now….we need to see more of this adorable pooch!   


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