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Mum sees her Pitbull jump onto her baby and starts to run

Heroic dog saves family from fire at their home dog-wow
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The family were playing in the back yard, when they were terrified to see fire spreading from a neighbour’s house to their home.

By Dawn Parrish , 14 May 2019

The devastating events happened in Stockton, California, just before midnight, on the evening of June 3rd 2018. A mum was playing with 2 of her children outdoors, while her 7 month-old baby, Masailah, slept inside.

As the fire takes hold, the dog gets panicky

The family’s pet Pitbull dog, Sasha, began to bark and pace around anxiously. The dog began to howl and bang at the door. Nana Chaichanhda, the mother, opened the house door to find out what was wrong. She was astonished to see the dog rush towards her baby’s room and leap onto the child’s bed. This unusual behaviour caused Nana to rush forward, where she saw Sasha the dog pick up her baby and drag her along by her diaper.

Dog saves family from this terrible fire

Nana realised at this point that the fire was beginning to take hold in her house too. She rushed outside with the dog and her baby to her other children, to make sure everyone was safe. This mum of three said that her Pitbull dog had grown up alongside her baby from a very young age. The dog and the baby played together every day, even took baths together and obviously they have an amazing bond.

Sasha certainly deserved his piece of steak as a reward for his bravery, as he saved this family from the ravaging fire that engulfed their home.

Pit bull saves family from fire, carries baby out to safety by diaper

A family's bond with their dog formed right from the start and that bond paid off when it really counted when their house caught fire. (Courtesy: KCRA, Latana Chai, Brittany Green, CNN Newsource)

Posted by WTTE FOX 28 on Tuesday, June 12, 2018