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Man can't believe his eyes when he sees strange-looking animals on the side of the road

5 bald puppies rescued from side of the road dog-sad
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It’s not what you expect to see at the side of the road: 5 very sick, bald puppies that had obviously been abandoned.

By Dawn Parrish , 13 May 2019

This was the dreadful discovery that one Vineland resident made as he was driving along his usual route. The good Samaritan, from the town in New Jersey, couldn’t believe what he was seeing at the side of the road, but he certainly knew he couldn’t just leave the bald puppies there.

5 bald puppies huddled together

It was clear that the 5 pups had been abandoned so their rescuer called South Jersey Regional Animal Shelter to ask for help. An animal control officer arrived to collect the bald puppies but as they were obviously in need of urgent medical treatment, he decided to take them straight to the vet’s surgery.

All puppies in appalling health conditions

All of the bald puppies were suffering from mange and had open sores on their skin. Not only were they very painfully thin and in poor health, but they also had swollen feet and eye infections. Staff at the medical centre couldn’t believe the neglect that these pups had suffered. Yet even though they were very poorly, the 5 puppies couldn’t stop kissing and licking their rescuers.

Sweet rescued puppies receive treatment

Despite their terrible health issues, every one of the 5 bald puppies are very friendly. They obviously need lots more medical treatment and specialist care, but it won’t be too long before their hair grows back, and their sores heal. Medicated baths, eye medication and antibiotics will surely help with the healing process. Staff at the South Jersey Regional Animal Shelter think that the pups are around five and a half months old and possibly some sort of Mastiff crossbreed.

New names for the 5 bald puppies

The young pups found on the side of the road are now in foster care and doing pretty good, despite their health problems. They have been given names so that the staff at the shelter can identify each of them. Princess Peach, Daisy, Bowser, Luigi and Mario are the titles given to the Mushroom Kingdom 5, as the puppies are now known.

The 5 puppies will be put up for adoption when they are feeling much better. The animal shelter recently made an update on social media to state that the pups are now gaining weight and their health is improving. These 5 bald puppies found at the side of the road had such a terrible start in life, but they will soon be settled into their new adoptive homes.


Here is the post everyone has been waiting for.......................................... "The Mushroom Kingdom 5" Please meet Mario. Luigi, Bowser, Princess Peach and Daisy!!!!!!! Everyone is gaining weight and improving health wise. As you can see they all look way better than they did last week. Thank you for all the donations and support to help take care of these awesome pups. We will have another update next week. Enjoy your weekend!!

Posted by South Jersey Regional Animal Shelter on Saturday, May 11, 2019