This dog's past left him with permanent damage

Baxter got his second chance dog-angry © NeHumaneSociety - Youtube

Baxter the Dog was left with permanent brain damage after being beaten by his cruel owner.

By Ashley Murphy

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Every instance of animal cruelty is heartbreaking, but Baxter's story is especially unsettling. Baxter is so small and sweet-looking that it's impossible to imagine how anyone could treat him so viciously.

The Nebraska Humane Society rescued Baxter after receiving a call from a concerned member of the public. When they arrived on the scene, animal welfare officers found a tiny nine-pound Pomeranian puppy lying unconscious on the deck. He'd been severely beaten, and it didn't look like the first time something like this had happened. Officers weren't even sure if the little guy would make it.

This dog wasn't about to give up

Thankfully, Baxter turned out to be much tougher than he looked, and through a combination of sheer will and the right medical guy, Baxter pulled through.

Baxter's injuries meant he'd always walk with a pronounced limp and he even had trouble holding his head upright. But despite all that his cruel and viscous owner had done to him, Baxter maintained his kind and loving nature.  Staff at the Nebraska centre were amazed by his resilience.

Unfortunately, the extent of Baxter injuries meant he couldn't be rehomed, so the staff decided to take care of the Pomeranian themselves. Baxter eventually went on to live with Pam, PR director for the Nebraska Humane Society.

We're sad to say that Baxter has since passed away, but he lived his last years getting all the love and affection he deserved. According to Pam, Baxter spent most of his time snoozing and snuggling up to his family.

Baxter got his second chance

Baxter's story had a terrible beginning and sad end, but at least this little miracle pup finally got a second chance to learn just how much us humans can love our four-legged friends.

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