Watch the emotional reunion between a homeless man and his missing dog

Crystal and Lee are back together dog-happy © Caters Clips - Youtube

A homeless man from Leeds had thought he'd lost his best friend forever; now he's been reunited with his beloved buddy, a pit bull cross named Crystal.

By Ashley Murphy

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Life is pretty rough when you're living on the streets in Leeds. But no matter how tough things could get, Lee always found a way to care for Crystal. The 24-year-old has been homeless for the last few years but often goes without food to make sure Crystal is well fed.

The power of unconditional love

The pair are inseparable, and Crystal's unconditional love has kept Lee going through the very worst of times.

Then last January, after a fight broke out near an underpass where the pair had set-up camp, terrified Crystal ran off into the night. Lee spent days looking for her, but it seemed as if she was gone forever.

Thankfully, a local homeless charity called Helping Hands hands found out that Crystal was missing. They put out the word and a whole community came together to find the missing pooch. Toni Sweeney works for Helping Hands. She said:

“For two days we had sightings, then nothing. Someone was rumoured to be seen with her, but we never confirmed that. I contacted Murphy’s Army (another homeless charity) for help and they swiftly put a team in place, people from all over the country sent well wishes, and followers were doing all the posters.”

After a ten-day search, Helping Hands received a tip-off from a gamekeeper in Kirkstall Forge. They went to investigate and couldn't believe it when they saw Crystal.

An emotional reunion

Toni called Lee immediately to set up an emotional reunion.

Supporters of the charity have even chipped in to buy the pair a pop-up tent. Lee was also presented with a slip-on leash which will prevent Crystal from ever running away again!

Lee and Crystal might not have much, but at least now they'll always have each other!

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