When he sees the gift his wife got him, this dad bursts into tears

Guy kisses his Boston Terrier dog-sad © JaseyJentsch427 - Twitter

For 12 long and wonderful years, Jasey Jentsch’s dad shared a beautiful friendship with the family dog, a Boston Terrier named Bruce.

By Justine Seraphin

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Bruce once had a rough start in life, since his previous owner decided he no longer wanted to keep him and left him at a shelter. Luckily, Bruce found his forever home, and all the love in the world.

An incomparable relationship

At first, Jasey’s dad was pretty hesitant at the idea of adopting a dog. He wasn’t sure he could really commit the time needed to care for one.

But once the decision had been taken to welcome Bruce into their home, Jasey’s dad became absolutely inseparable from his new pooch. Every day Jasey’s dad had some free time, he spent it with the new spoiled family member.

You couldn’t have one without the other. Wherever dad was, Bruce was not far behind, and vice-versa. They were often found playing or cuddling together – Bruce was definitely a daddy’s boy.

But nothing lasts forever.

A devastating death

As he got older, Bruce’s health began to deteriorate. He passed away peacefully at home, leaving a hole in his family’s heart, and especially so in his dad’s.

“It really hurt him,” Jasey told the Dodo.

Hoping to comfort her husband after his devastating loss, Jasey’s mum purchased a pillow online that had been made to look like Bruce. It was his shape, size, and had a picture of him on the front.

Viewing the video of dad’s reaction to the gift is enough to understand how much it meant to him, and just how much he loved his dog. He is visibly touched and very emotional. Losing a loved one is so hard, but now Jasey’s dad will be able to cuddle Bruce forevermore.

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