CCTV captures loyal dog’s heart-breaking reaction to being left behind

Dog is tied to a pole by woman dog-sad © Circa - Facebook

This beautiful Staffordshire Bull Terrier thought she was just going on a walk with her person, as per usual. But the outcome of this stroll was devastating.

By Justine Seraphin

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The scene unfolded in San Antonio, Texas. A security camera caught the moment a woman walks onto a private property and lures her dog close to a basketball hoop. The worse thing you can imagine then becomes a reality.

A sombre scene

The woman bends down and ties her dog’s leash to the pole. The sweet pup sits and wags her tail excitedly, even trying to sneak a kiss. But her joy soon fades to sorrow as the woman turns around and walks away, leaving her behind.

The heart-breaking video shows the dog trying to follow, pulling at the end of her leash, getting tangled in the rope, hoping that she’ll be able to catch up.

Dog abandoned at basketball hoop (Ring doorbell camera video provided by Animal Care Services)

ICYMI: Animal cruelty investigators in San Antonio are searching for the person who abandoned a dog by tying it up to a basketball hoop. Video shows the dog struggling to follow the person who just walked away. Details:

Posted by Circa on Thursday, May 2, 2019

You are not alone

The homeowner had just stepped out to run a few errands and returned soon after the dog was abandoned. There was some food that had been left for her, but no note explaining why she was there. A simple look at her security camera footage, and the homeowner understood what had taken place in her front yard.

She transported the dog to Animal Care Services San Antonio. There, shelter staff re-named the dog Takis and began to observe her personality in hopes that they would be able to put her up for adoption.

Hope for the future

Lisa Norwood, a spokesperson of the animal rescue group, told the Dodo: “Takis is the sweetest, most playful, wonderful little dog. She knows how to sit and she walks well on a leash. We’re still trying to figure out why someone would do something like this to her.”

And Lisa’s not the only one who saw a spark in this girl’s eyes. Hardly 24 hours after she was brought into the shelter, someone had already filled up an adoption application for Takis.

We hope with all our hearts that Takis will find the perfect home for her, and that she will be loved and cherished in it for the rest of her days.

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