Puppy's adventurous stroll takes a very wrong turn

puppy goes on walk in the forest and falls into a deep well dog-happy © South Killingly Fire Department - Facebook

Most young puppies are very adventurous and love to explore their surroundings, but Zella a 16-week-old pup recently got more than she expected.

By Dawn Parrish

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This playful pup was running around and playing in her backyard on Sunday morning. She then decided to go a bit further than she normally would and took a walk in the forest. Unfortunately, she came too close to a dried up well and before she knew what had happened, she fell in and tumbled to the bottom.

A very wrong turn causes disaster

Of course, none of the family expected their cute puppy to disappear down the well. However, when they went to investigate her howls, they discovered she had fallen around 8 feet right to the base of the well. The pup was looking at them with worried eyes, pleading for them to get her out. The family attempted to reach the pup, but the well was too deep and narrow. She couldn’t climb up by herself either, so they needed urgent help.

Emergency services arrive in the forest

Following an emergency call for help to 911, the South Killingly Fire Department soon arrived on the scene. This rescue team consists of not only locals from Danielson, Connecticut, but also from a wider area too. Their specialist firefighters who are trained in rescues from confined spaces especially where ropes are needed, were soon on the case. One of the team was lowered down into the depths of the well, when they were able to scoop up Zella, the frightened puppy, and winch her to safety.


Certainly, things could have been a whole lot worse for this lucky pup, who took a very wrong turn when on a walk in the forest. She is now happily resting with her family at home and no doubt being totally spoiled too.


Firefighter Levi Davis holding the rescued puppy

Posted by South Killingly Fire Department on Sunday, May 5, 2019
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