Dying man wants one wish to come true for his dogs before it's too late

Dying man has one wish - please adopt his dogs before he dies dog-sad © Helping Mr Richard and His Dogs - Facebook

A dying man in Texas is pleading with the public to come forward and adopt his rescue dogs.

By Dawn Parrish

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Richard Ewars, who was recently diagnosed with stomach cancer and placed into a hospice, is a huge dog lover. Over the years he has had a mission to rescue abandoned and stray dogs in the San Antonio region.  He has been able to offer these dogs a loving and safe home, away from the dangers of the Texas streets.

Dying man’s one last wish

Mr Ewars is very ill, with doctors stating that he only has around one more week to live. With him being in palliative care at the hospice, of course he is unable to have any of his dogs live with him. A team of volunteers and animal rescuers have been visiting this dying man’s home and taking care of his rescued dogs. Mary Oyler, of the Save our Strays San Antonio Centre said that she intends to do anything she can to make sure that Richard’s last wish comes true. Of course, its no easy feat to rehome 27 dogs, although only 11 now remain and need new homes at the moment.

Dogs need to be adopted as soon as possible

Currently, these remaining rescue dogs are living in very poor conditions. Their home has no running water or electricity and of course the dogs are also desperately missing their owner, Mr Ewars. Besides this terrible situation, the dogs are suffering from stress and anxiety, even depression. This dying man knows that if his one last wish isn’t granted soon, with the remaining dogs being adopted, then it’s probable that they will even be put to sleep.


Thank You Mary Dowell for your kind donation , I delivered the items to Mr.Richard , he was surprised when I handed him...

Posted by Helping Mr. Richard and His Dogs, San Antonio, TX on Sunday, April 8, 2018

Please help these dogs to be adopted

A Facebook campaign has been set up and its hoped that social media will raise the public’s awareness about this dying man’s one, final wish. “Helping Mr Richard and His Dogs” has been created with the hope that anyone interested in adopting one of his dogs will come forward very soon.


Penny's puppies are now 7-8 weeks old! They are Retriever/Hound mix puppies that will be large sized. They're not quite...

Posted by Helping Mr. Richard and His Dogs, San Antonio, TX on Thursday, April 5, 2018

We hope that Mr Ewars mind will be put at ease in his final days, when his remaining 11 dogs are adopted.

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