Dog waits patiently in shelter for over 2000 days

shelter dog is adopted after over 2000 days dog-happy © Humane Society of Preble - Facebook

A shelter dog handed into a rescue centre waits to be adopted. Why does it take so long for someone to come forward?

By Dawn Parrish

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Higgins arrived at the dog shelter when he was a pup and of course, as with most cute young dogs, he was adopted almost immediately. Unfortunately, however, he wasn’t destined for happiness for too long.

He was returned to the rescue centre as a stray pooch, around a year later, where it seems he had been chained up for most of the time in his new home. No one came forward to claim him as a lost pet, so his life was destined to be put up for adoption a second time.

Shelter dog is long term resident at the kennels

As with many dogs in pet shelters, they are only kept for short periods of time until they are either adopted or put to sleep. Leslie Renner, The Humane Society of Preble County’s executive director, knew that someone would turn up to adopt Higgins, the German Shepherd mix, eventually.

However, as the years passed by, many potential adopters came to visit, but for some reason this shelter dog just didn’t meet their criteria. Perhaps it was his sad face that turned them away.

Rescue dog’s luck changes after more than 6 years

On day 2381 of Higgins living at the dog shelter, good fortune made an appearance. Brendon Reed, a 22-year-old guy who had just bought his first home walked into the rescue centre and stated that he was here to pick up Higgins and take him home. He had spotted the German Shepherd mix on social media and just knew that he was the only pooch for him.

Over 2000 days after he first turned up at the rescue centre, Higgins, the shelter dog is living a life of luxury. He is allowed to laze on the sofa and watch TV and of course loves to go on long walks with Brendon, his adoring new master!

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