Dog owner spies on his dog and couldn't believe what he discovered

Dog spotted singing and playing piano on hidden camera dog-wow © Daniel Dragan - YouTube

Disruptive pooch or future canine popstar? When this frustrated dog owner set up a secret camera, he NEVER expected what he’d discover…

By Alice Lang

Published on the , Updated on the

What would you do if you were constantly receiving noise complaints about your normally well-behaved dog? Setting up a secret camera does seem like a great tactic - and that’s exactly what this suspicious dog owner decided to do!

He took the oppawtunity to spy...

After months and months of endless noise complaints, it was time for Tucker’s owner to start the undercover survelliance project.

Setting up a secret camera, he left for the day after eagerly pressing record. Upon his return, he watched back the footage and literally couldn’t believe his eyes (or ears...).

...and discovered a canine popstar in the making!

If you set a secret camera to spy on what your neighbours claimed was a destructive dog, you’d probably expect to see some howling, some chewing, many naps, a bit of hyperactivity and some general doggy antics.

But, in actual fact, Tucker’s owner witnessed a canine superstar in training. The talented (well, we suppose that’s slightly questionable) pup immediately took to the piano and joyfully sang out for the whole world to hear - yep, literally.

Well, we can definitely see why his owner was receiving noise complaints, but we really hope they can see the funny side of it. The only question left is, has anyone filled in Tucker’s application form for the next series of X Factor? We’d totally buy his album.

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