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Blind raccoon guides orphaned kittens to food and saves their lives!

Blind raccoon makes friends with black orphan kittens cat-wow
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Animal-loving Eryn took it upon herself to care for a blind raccoon which made its way into her garden. But one day, it came home with some unexpected friends…

By Alice Lang

Published on the 09/05/2019, 20:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:47

Back in 2009, a blind (and very lucky) raccoon found itself in the garden of Eryn, an animal and wildlife enthusiast. As the troubled raccoon attempted to find food, Eryn watched from the window and couldn’t help but feel sorry for him.

So, in a gesture of goodwill, Eryn, who lives in Illionois, started leaving food out for the visually-impaired raccoon. She even nicknamed him ‘Blind Raccoon’ (an obvious, yet cute, choice!), and the duo quickly became friends.

Blind Raccoon turned Foster Dad

5 years on and Eryn was still caring for the adorable little mammal. When their day-to-day routine was disrupted by two orphaned black kittens, Eryn was understandably taken aback.

Peering out from the window, Eryn spotted the skinny, weak-looking felines, who were eagerly following Blind Raccoon. And, guess what? When the cats reached his normal food spot, he took a step back and let them enjoy the food. Once they’d finished, he lovingly guided them back into the woods.

Had he taken the role of adoptive Father to the two lost and lonely kittens, or had they taken it upon themselves to guard their disabled raccoon friend? We think the love came from both sides, resulting in an unlikely, yet beautiful companionship.

But soon after, Blind Raccoon passed away

After 6 months of friendship, the adorable raccoon died. But don't worry - having lived for 5 years, it was actually a pretty damn impressive life for a blind raccoon!

Sadly, the two kittens seemed a little lost without their wild racoon Dad. Thankfully, caring soul Eryn, took it upon herself to approach, feed and cuddle them. At first they were suspicious, but eventually, she gained their trust. Now, the male and female cats live with Eryn in her home alongside her other kitty, Squirt.

Ultimately, it was the kindness of Eryn and the warm heart of the Blind Raccoon who managed to save the lives of these two happy cats. RIP, Blind Raccoon - those kittens will be forever thankful!


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