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You won't believe how many cats were living in this apartment!

Officers found 300 cats in the apartment cat-wow
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Officers from Toronto Animal Services discovered 300 cats living inside a cramped apartment!

By Ashley Murphy

Published on the 09/05/2019, 09:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:47

The team were responding to a call from a concerned member of the public. Initial reports suggested around 70 cats were living inside the small property.

A busier day than everyone expected

Officers prepared themselves for a busy day's work, but couldn't believe their eyes when they saw the huge kitty haul. Pictures taken by the rescue team show that every room was covered with felines, while dozens more can be seen chilling on the stairs.

Despite the cramped and unsanitary conditions, the cats were in relatively good shape. However, one member of the team described the kitty den as  a “perilous hoarding situation.”

The Toronto Cat Rescue service posted the following message:

"It's a terrible way for cats to live. If you know that someone has too many cats, it is best to report it sooner rather than later. Unsterilized cats breed prolifically, and with only a nine-week gestation things get out of control VERY quickly.”

Several of the cats were pregnant and are due to give birth to even more kittens very soon.

All of the cats are now in foster care where they'll be spayed, neutered, and vaccinated before being put up for adoption.

It's hasn't been confirmed if the owner will face any criminal charges.

6 cats are more than enough

The city of Toronto has strict animal welfare laws. But despite restricting owners to a maximum of 6 cats in one home, this wasn't the first massive cat rescue in the Canadian city.

In March, the Toronto Cat Rescue Service were called after over 100 cats were discovered in a local home. These furry four-legged creatures were in a pretty bad way; many had to be treated for fleas and fur loss.