Guy follows dog carrying food bowl, what he discovers next brings him to tears

Stray dog carries food bowl in her mouth dog-wow © Yusuf Kılıçsarı - Youtube

Living in Turkey, Yusuf Kılıçsarı is used to seeing stray dogs in the streets. When he can, he gives them a helping hand. But when he saw this bitch carrying a bowl full of food in her mouth, he knew there was something different about her. So he set out to follow her and discover what kind of mission she was on.

By Justine Seraphin

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It all started last month, when Yusuf was driving his car around the city, and spotted a female dog trotting along on the sidewalk. She was moving at a determined pace, and seemed to know exactly where she was going. With the food bowl she was carrying, Yusuf could not help but be intrigued by the dog.

The low-speed chase begins

He therefore decided to start following her with his car. He kept a safe distance from her, just to be sure she wouldn’t startle and get distracted from her mission.

And a few minutes later, after quite an extensive tour of the neighbourhood following the mysterious food-carrier, Yusuf parked in front of a car salvage yard. The dog had disappeared somewhere behind a couple of old, decaying cars.

When Yusuf followed her around the corner, he realised why she was carrying the food with such determination.

Dutiful mum makes sure everyone’s bellies are full

The bitch was actually a mum of four very healthy-looking puppies. None of them were underweight, no doubt thanks to their mum’s hard work! Mum then lies down next to her family and watches them eat, proudly, as she rests from her adventure.

What devotion and love she shows to her puppies. Good job Mama!

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