This dog is living her last hours, so McDonalds does the sweetest thing for her

Black Lab has McDonalds burger as her last meal dog-happy © David Yeomans | Meteorologist, Pexels - Facebook

David Yeomans, a famous American meteorologist, recently posted a photo of his 13-year-old Black Labrador, Maggie, on Facebook. Not usually one to share his personal life on social media, he needed to say a special thank you to McDonalds in regards to the wonderful thing they did for Maggie on her last day.

By Justine Seraphin

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Maggie had been a loving part of David’s family for over 13 years. Sadly, as she got older, her health deteriorated. The vet advised that to ease her pain, it would be better to put the sweet girl to sleep.

Making the last day count

The Yeomans family knew that it was time to say goodbye. But everyone needed this to be an exceptional day for their beloved girl.

“One of Maggie’s favourite birthday/road trip treats was a McDonald’s hamburger. I wanted Maggie to have a perfect morning, so I thought she should have one more burger before our visit to Austin Urban Vet Center,” wrote David.

Unfortunately, the fast-food chain only started making burgers at 10:30 AM, and Maggie’s appointment was at 9:30…

A beautiful gesture

David then decided he had nothing to lose, and called the McDonald’s branch directly. When on the line with them, he asked to speak to the manager, and explained the situation to him, no doubt between bouts of crying.

Without hesitation, the manager immediately accepted David’s request, and happily prepared a burger for Maggie. The whole family was rejoiced that Maggie could have one last perfect meal.

Maggie’s light turned out later that day, but she had the best morning surrounded by her loving, caring family, and had the best treat.

Now we hope she’s eating all the burgers she can get her paws on up in doggy heaven!


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Posted by David Yeomans | Meteorologist on Tuesday, April 30, 2019
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