Owner waits for her dog at the airport…only to find out he was flown to the wrong one

Dog crate used to transport dog to the wrong airport dog-angry © 6abc Philadelphia - Youtube

The little black dog named Beast was supposed to land in Raleigh, South Carolina, with his owner, Amber Dalton. But when Dalton arrived and waited for Beast to be unloaded from the cargo, she got horrifying news that the airline could not locate her pup.

By Justine Seraphin

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The flight was originally supposed to be from Chicago to Raleigh, but the airline informed Dalton that a flight from Dallas to Raleigh would actually be safer for her dog. She of course, didn’t hesitate to change her plans in order to accommodate for the safety of her beloved pet.

Worst flight ever

But despite all the safety measures taken, Dalton landed in Raleigh and waited for over an hour for Beast to show up.

“At this point, I’m getting really upset because this is twice that my dog should have landed and it’s been over an hour and he’s still not here,” Dalton told News 10 in Virgina.

“I’m miserable, I’m crying, I’m freaking out. I’m thinking any number of things could’ve happened to him. It’s horrible. And they don’t want to help you because you’re upset, but I am upset because you’ve lost my dog and you’re treating it like lost baggage.”

According to Amber Dalton, airport staff were not very forthcoming or communicative about any information they had on her pet, which only made matters worse.

Finally located

After hours of panicking, the airport finally located Beast, who had accidently been flown to an airport in Philadelphia. American Airlines then arranged for one of their employees to drive Beast to Roanoke, Virginia, where Dalton lives.

Additionally, the airline refunded Dalton’s baggage and pet transport fees and gave her a free flight voucher to use in the future.

The airline has since made a statement in the press explaining the mix-up and apologising for it, insisting “Safety of all our customers is our top priority.”

But we’re pretty sure that doesn’t make up for the stress Dalton must’ve gone through when she thought her dog was lost to her.

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