Three plucky stray dogs dice with death on Britain’s longest road

Three dogs ran across a busy motorway, and it was caught on a driver's dashcam. dog-happy © Richard Sykes - YouTube

A trio of freedom-loving dogs have been caught on camera running across the A1 – a road that nominally leads from London to Edinburgh, but which all dogs know leads to freedom.

By G. John Cole

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Perhaps they had nothing left to lose. Maybe there were just too many places for them to see. But nothing was holding these hearty tramps from going the direction they chose. And the direction was junction 44 of the A1(M), a section of the legendary A1 in West Yorkshire, midway between Bilby and Stirrup.

Richard Sykes was driving that very section in his human motor car on April 27th, and that’s when their paths crossed.

Dashcam heroes

Nobody knows who these intrepid dogs were.

One of them appears, in Sykes’ dashcam footage, to be a Staffie. One could be a small Golden Retriever, or perhaps a toller. The first dog to cross – the pioneer – is barely more than a shadow as she makes it to the other side of the road several moments ahead of her comrades. Her headstrong example put the other dogs at risk, but it also saved their lives, since she alerted drivers (including, dramatically, a cement mixer) to their presence.

“There were three altogether,” confirms Sykes in The World News. “There was one a little bit earlier which caught my attention so I was on the lookout.”

Carefree, not careless

Sykes swerved to avoid the happy-go-lucky gang and apparently saw them make it safely to the next rung on their ladder to freedom.

“Not what you expect to see on the motorway,” he wrote, posting the video on the human internet. “No dogs were hit.

“All survived! I pulled over to make sure and they'd disappeared so obviously uninjured thankfully.'

Two human dog-walkers with a fourth hound also appear in the footage but it is unknown if they were connected with the ballsy travellers.

Their spirited adventures continue.

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