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Heroic cat becomes kitten’s saviour as he is faced with a stalking predator fox

New born kitten is saved from a stalking predator fox cat-wow
© Glynis Davies - Facebook

Ozzy, a young black cat stares down a prowling fox as it tracked a helpless new-born kitten.

By Dawn Parrish

Published on the 08/05/2019, 11:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:47

The daring stand-off between the black cat and a wild fox was witnessed by Ozzy’s owner, Sarah Williams, as she looked out onto her garden. The male cat was meowing and growling, so Sarah reached for her torch and shone it outside.  She was amazed to discover Ozzy staring down a predator fox. Thankfully, Sarah managed to scare the fox, which ran off into the bushes.

A tiny new-born kitten was rescued by the male cat

Sarah took Ozzy inside, well away from the predator fox. When she returned to the patio area, she heard a faint meowing and was astounded when she looked down and discovered a tiny, new-born kitten. Sarah was astonished, as only the previous evening Ozzy had brought a similar new-born kitten into the home, but unfortunately, this first one had died. Now it appears that the heroic cat has become this new-born kitten’s saviour, by staring down a prowling fox.

Ozzy cares for his new-born son©Sarah Williams, Facebook

Kitten is thought to be one of Ozzy’s own brood

Although Ozzy was neutered around 9 weeks ago, it is possible that he is the father of these two small kittens. He had been spotted around a female black cat which was certainly their mother.

The tiny kitten, thought to be only one or two days old, has been named Tommy. He has been handed into the care of Gwent Cats Protection, where volunteer staff are nursing him round the clock. He is being hand fed with bottles of milk and its hoped that he will soon be strong enough to return home with Sarah and Ozzy, his father.

Why else would Ozzy risk his own life, than to become his son’s saviour when faced with a  prowling fox. He certainly is a heroic father!