Unwanted Cocker Spaniel dog becomes a pet detective

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Colin Butcher, a retired ex-policeman, searched for a canine partner when he set up his own pet detective agency. He discovered Molly, an unwanted and unloved black Cocker Spaniel on a pet-selling webpage.

By Dawn Parrish

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Colin soon discovered just how clever and captivating Molly was and she soon became an important canine partner on his team.

Detective duo set to work

Combining Molly’s sense of smell, tenacity and intelligence with Colin’s detective abilities makes them a great line-up. It didn’t take them long, once Molly was trained, before they began to solve cases and track down lost and missing cats, amongst other things.

Detective dog finds lost cats

From the search for an injured cat belonging to Marcela Viscardi, a media executive, to a kidnapped ginger tomcat named Pablo, in Devon, Molly works alongside Colin having many wonderful adventures.

The detective dog works by initially inhaling the scent of the missing cat, or perhaps the aroma from the cat’ bedding. Molly then soon begins to trail the scent, working from side to side as Cocker Spaniels generally do when following a trace, covering a large area of ground. Once the lost cat has been found, Molly is given a treat as a well-deserved reward: her favourite, black-pudding flavoured snacks.

Many lost cats are reunited with their owners

Colin set up this pet detective company five years ago, in Guildford Surrey, and to date, UK Pet Detectives have discovered around 86 lost cats. Of course, many of these have been happily reunited with their distressed owners. They also offer a service to trace cats that have been stolen, with great success.

A new novel recounting this detective duo’s adventures is published

Molly, the UK’s only cat detection dog now stars in her own novel, “Molly & Me”. This amazing detective dog, who previously had a troubled past before being rescued by Colin, now has a new purpose and role in life. Her story is charming, yet at the same time delightful and inspiring, showing the reader just how clever a dog detective can be.

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