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Vet tells family their dog is carrying 6 puppies, but he made a HUGE mistake

Rottweiler mom gives birth to record number of puppies dog-wow
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After giving a pregnant dog an ultrasound, the vets concluded that Roxy would have a normal-sized litter. But they couldn’t have been more wrong.

By Justine Seraphin , 7 May 2019

Roxy the Rottweiler belongs to military man Mark Marshall and his wife, Laura. When they discovered their dog was pregnant, they immediately took her to the vets for her to get an ultrasound. According to the vets, Roxy would only be mother to six puppies.

An XXL litter

Mark and Laura were quite content knowing that they would only have six puppies to birth and bring up. But, on the day of the birth, nothing went as planned.

Indeed, Roxy didn’t give birth to six puppies, but ten more than that! Yes, Roxy gave birth to no less than 16 puppies!

Mark and Laura could not believe their eyes, especially considering the fact that the vet had told them the litter would be much smaller!

Mark and Laura are not only human parents now, but puppy parents too. 16 puppies can be quite a handful when you’re a single mom! But Roxy is getting all the help she can get from her loving owners, who are making sure she never has too much on her plate.

Although for now, they are living in the army barracks with Mark, Laura, and their five children, they will all go to their forever homes once they are old enough. The beautiful pure-bred puppies have all already been reserved, though the Marshalls will be keeping one pup for themselves.

An impressive record

In 2017, a litter of 16 puppies was born in Telford, Shropshire. This means Roxy has tied for the record! Well done Roxy!

This will definitely be a litter that she and her owners will remember forever.