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Abduction in 2016 – three years later, the truth finally comes to light!

Little boy holds Chihuahua on his lap dog-happy
© Tierheim Bruck/Leitha - Facebook

In September 2016, in the city of Vienna, a small family member is lured away from his home and kidnapped. His family is devastated. Now, three years later, there is an update in the case – and its good news.

By Justine Seraphin , 7 May 2019

After his pet Chihuahua was stolen from him in the Autumn of 2016, three-year-old Prince, the little boy of the family, was especially heartbroken. The Veith family launched a large-scale operation to try getting their dog back. They printed out hundreds of flyers which they distributed all over the city, and even offered a reward for anyone who may have information about the little dog.

But it was all in vain. Speedy, the Chihuahua, was nowhere to be found.

Too close to home

The worst part of the kidnapping is that the family was convinced it was done by someone from the neighbourhood. Indeed, the flyers they were putting up were consistently disappearing, as if someone didn’t want the dog to be found. The most terrifying clue was that the family could still hear their dog’s cries for help, but just didn’t know where they were coming from.

“I heard our ‘Speedy’ barking on a distant property for about two months after his disappearance, but could not find him,” Niki Veith told meinbezirk.

A miraculous reappearance

In May 2019, a shelter in Bruck discovers ten dogs living on a property and in terrible conditions. Living in confined spaces, they were all malnourished, heavily matted, and infested with fleas. The animals had clearly been neglected for some time.

After rescuing the dogs, the animal shelter staff proceeded to groom them, provide them with medical care, and give them the love and snuggles they needed.

When the vet checked the dogs, he realised one of them was micro-chipped. As it turns out, this little Chihuahua was none other than Speedy, the little dog that had been kidnapped three years prior!

The reunion between Speedy and now six-year-old Prince was so moving that Speedy actually suffered an asthma attack due to excitement. But not to worry, the little dog is in perfect health now! He is living his best life, reunited with his greatest friend.

What a happy ending for this little dog who has been through so much!