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Man who saves dog from hot car hailed a hero

Dog trapped in hot car dog-angry
© Jason Minson - Facebook

A 'heroic' member of the public risked his own arrest to rescue a puppy dying from heat exhaustion.

By Nick Whittle , 7 May 2019

Even in the winter direct sunlight can cause the air temperature inside a car to rise beyond what most animals can cope with. For an owner to keep an animal locked inside a car or a van without appropriate ventilation is negligent.

The decision of the owner who did just that last week would prove a costly one, but the outcome could have been far worse. Had a well-meaning passer-by not intervened on this occasion, the dog from Norfolk, Virginia would likely have perished due to heatstroke.

Jason Minson was simply in the right place at the right time. The US Army veteran was the first to spot the Mastiff puppy struggling to breathe; the dog had its nosed pressed hard up against a small crack in the window of a nearby car parked in full sunlight.

Minson called the police but was advised to wait until help arrived. He was warned that if he caused damage to the car in an effort to get to the dog he would be prosecuted.

Minson was however increasingly concerned for the dog’s welfare. With every passing second the temperature in the car rose, and although he had managed to water the animal through the gap in the window it was clear the dog was fading fast.

Time running out

After the efforts of the on-scene police patrol to open the door proved fruitless Minson could wait no longer. Despite previously being warned not to, he broke the window of the car in a last-ditched attempt to save the dog’s life.

Police bundled the dog into a waiting van and took it to a vet for emergency treatment.

Minson was not charged for the damage he caused to the car. Instead he was called to serve as a witness to the owner’s crime. Police later charged the owner with animal cruelty.

The dog survived and is now ready to be rehomed.

Minson later wrote on Facebook: ‘This is REAL talk people. It's hot out and if you leave an animal in your car [he's] going to die from the heat ... Take care of your fur babies.’



Posted by Jason Minson on Tuesday, April 30, 2019


Posted by Jason Minson on Tuesday, April 30, 2019


Posted by Jason Minson on Tuesday, April 30, 2019