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Instagram’s ‘dogs at polling stations’ tag goes viral during local elections

A sheepdog sits outside a British polling station dog-happy
© bodhi_the_beardie - Instagram

Thousands of dogs in England and Northern Ireland held vigils outside polling stations last Thursday (2/5/19) while their owners casted their votes in local elections.

By Nick Whittle , 6 May 2019

Turnout was bigger than expected (for the voting at least) for elections of members of 248 English local councils and all 11 local councils in Northern Ireland.

In the end, the Labour and Conservative parties lost hundreds of seats to the Lib Dems and the Greens. This was due in the main to votes being cast in protest against the Tories’ handling of Brexit and the Labour party’s lax approach to claims of anti-Semitism.

Dogs at polling stations

Meanwhile our faithful four-legged friends appear to have risen above the fire and brimstone, remaining as stoical and as sophisticated as ever they were. Just take a look at some of their pictures and tell us we’re wrong!

It’s fair to say that some of them even shared their owner’s opinion of the current state of politics in the UK.


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bodhi_the_beardie wrote: ‘I did me a #democracy! I #voted Bonios for all! Not really... I’m not old enough to vote!


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Erniedoggo wrote: ‘Free cheese for all & restricted movement for cats!


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russthorne wrote: ‘She blames #Brexit, too


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Judithandlucypoo wrote: ‘So why did mum vote yesterday? Forget democratic rights, civic duty, honouring those who fought for our freedom - nowadays it’s all about #dogsatpollingstations