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Service dog meets Disney star and his reaction is adorable

Service dog meets Dug from Up and is so excited dog-happy
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If you met your favourite film star, how would you react? When Henry the golden retriever met his idol, his reaction made hearts melt...

By Alice Lang , 6 May 2019

Introducing Henry, a hard-working, loyal and loving Golden Retriever who lives in Nashville with his owner, Jessica.


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Henry is training to become a service dog

Dedicated Henry is currently training to become a qualified service dog for Jess, who lives with a chronic illness.

According to InspireMore, Jess says that while Henry is still a work in progress, she’s super proud of how far he has come. She even documents their adventures together on an Instagram and YouTube account - and trust us, the duo are seriously sweet!


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And recently, Henry went on his most magical adventure yet

For part of Henry’s training, it’s essential to meet as many different people and be faced with as many different situations as possible. One of the most recent training trips was Disneyland - surely the best ‘work’ trip ever, right?!


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When they were there, they bumped into a very special someone - Dug from ‘Up’! Henry literally (and we mean literally) couldn’t contain his excitement - and the moment, which was caught on camera, is absolutely adorable.

We truly believe that Henry has a long and happy future with Jessica and will make the perfect service dog. He’s clearly bursting with love and can’t wait to share it with everyone he meets. What a sweetheart - check out the video below by swiping right on the Instagram post!


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