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Check out these HILARIOUS dog tags for lost pups

Hilarious dog tags for dogs who get lost dog-happy
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Does your dog get lost alot? Lighten up the situation by picking out one of these hilarious dog tags - they're funny AND functional!

By Alice Lang , 5 May 2019

Dogs are great, aren't they? Just flippin' awesome. They love to cuddle, they're super loyal, they have hilarious little quirks and even when we're in the worst of moods, they can somehow still make us laugh.

But there's one thing that's totally not cool. And that's when they get lost. We all love our beloved dogs, and if you've ever had one dissapear out of site, you'll know how much of a gut-wrenching experience it can be.

But thankfully, most of the time, they get back to us safe and sound - and that's mostly down to dog tags. If they're wearing one, the next dog-lover who comes across our missing pooch can check out their tag and ring us to get them home. Genius invention, hey?

So we thought we'd gather together some of our favoruite dog tags. After all, if you've got a clumsy pup who often ends up lost, they need a tag... so you may as well make it funny!

Hilarious dog tags for dogs who get lost a lot

"I'm an asshole and ran away..." - why yes, pup, yes you are. I love you and all, but after getting lost for the fifth time this year, you are a total asshole.


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"Not all who wander are lost... but I am" - a great choice for the philosophical and poetic (yet lost af) pup.


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"Got lost chasin' bitches!" - is your pooch a total stud? We've found just the dog tag for him!


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"I've been a knob and escaped" - we're so glad you realise how much of a knob you are, Fluffy... that's the 6th time you've escaped under the fence THIS MONTH!


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"Please call my mom... she is ugly crying... really ugly crying" - because let's not lie, it's totally true. If our pup gets lost, panda eyes and excessive sobbing just comes as part and parcel!


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"I know I'm cute, but you can't have me" - For the dog-obsessed owner who's immediate thoughts are: The dog is missing? NO NO NO. Someone's gonna take her! She's so adorable and perfect and amazing and wonderful and cute and sweet - how could anyone resist that beautiful face, after all?!


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