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This kitten can't blink but found the BEST friends to rely on

Kitten can't blink but finds a friend to rely on cat-happy
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This kitten can’t EVER close her eyes or blink, but that didn’t stop her from finding the perfect family and feline bestie!

By Alice Lang

Published on the 05/05/2019, 18:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:47

An adorable kitten called Tulip had a hard start to life. Through her trials and tribulations as a stray on the streets of Canada, she ended up with a severely infected eye. At only two weeks old, she was taken into a rescue, malnourished, weak and fighting for her life.

Tulip found the family of her dreams


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After a few weeks of TLC, Tulip was ready to find her forever home - and it didn't take long for someone to fall in love with her!

"We had been searching for a kitten to keep our other cat, Pinecone, company while we were at work during the day. When we saw her, we knew we had to meet her," Jenn and Chris, who have now adopted Tulip, said to Love Meow.

"The rescue said she was pretty skittish around people and didn't like to be held. However, when we held her for the first time, she sank in and was nothing but purrs. We knew she would need to come home with us."

But Tulip isn’t a normal kitten


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In many ways, Tulip is like any other kitten - she loves cuddles, playtime and good ol’ rub under the chin. But due to her rough time as a kitten and the awful eye infection she experienced, Tulip has a rare eye problem.

"She has eyelids but she cannot close them. She is only able to blink using her third eyelid (nictitating membrane)."

Thankfully, her loving new family are able to help out. By administrering eye drops and cleaning Tulip’s eyes twice a day, they make sure her eyes stay moist and free of bacteria.

And now, she’s found her best friend


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Pinecone, the family’s other cat, hit it off with Tulip right away. And it seemed that he immediately knew that Tulip needed a helping hand. The day she arrived home, he began grooming and watching over her all day long! Cute, hey?

"Tulip is very attached to Pinecone, who is seven years her senior. They cuddle and play all of the time, and miss each other when one has to go to the vet."

And there's even more to top off the cuteness. A few weeks after Tulip joined the family, she fell poorly in the middle of the night. And guess who woke up Jenn and Chris to alert them of her trouble? Pinecone, of course! Thanks to him, Tulip was able to get treatment just in time.

Well, it's fair to say that Tulip has been one lucky kitten! With two loving parents and a caring feline sibling, we're certain she's got a long and happy life ahead of her - even if she can't ever close her eyes!


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