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‘Unadoptable’ dog saves young girls from ‘wooden box’ child-snatcher

A Treeing Walker Coonhound and the family he saved from a kidnapper. dog-wow
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A lazy Waynesboro, Pennsylvania dog has been hailed a hero after stirring from his habitual languor to frighten off a child-snatcher.

By G. John Cole , 5 May 2019

Edgar, a 4-year-old Treeing Walker Coonhound whose family were dubious about adopting him in the first place, was the unlikely saviour of the three little girls with whom he shares his home.

‘This is the dog?’

On April 25th, a 4-year-old girl, Gemma Moats, was snatched from her home nearby in Edgar’s neighbourhood and taped up inside a wooden box. Thankfully, she was able to escape when the kidnapper went to work the next day.

But three days later, at 3am in the morning, Edgar was disturbed from his sleep by the sounds of an intruder – and launched himself into a barky rage.

And this despite Edgar’s usual laid-back self.

“He doesn’t seem like a guard dog,” owner Thom Lambert told PennLive. “That’s just not in his wheelhouse.”

With his three daughters, aged 3-8, apparently tucked safely in bed, Lambert went downstairs to investigate. The kitchen window and door were open, despite Lambert’s claims to have locked them extra carefully in the wake of the Gemma Moats case.

Arming himself and his wife Melissa with kitchen knives, he checked the girls’ rooms, where they were sleeping safe and sound. He then cleared each room of the house and called the police, who double-checked the area.

“Edgar was just there on the floor sleeping while the cops were clearing the house with their guns drawn,” Lambert continued. “And the cops are like, so this is the dog that you’re saying went nuts?

“It’s so damn impossible right now to think we got this dog for any other reason than it was meant to be. Everything had to happen in just the right way for him to be there at that moment.”


Edgar was given his shot at being a hero despite once being categorized as ‘unadoptable’ by a West Virginia animal shelter.

And Melissa Lambert was reportedly not keen on adopting the dog as she believed he would require too much care in addition to taking care of her daughters. Ultimately, Edgar proved to be a help and a hero, not a hindrance.

While he’s usually quiet and docile, the Lambert’s had heard his ‘serious’ bark once before – the night Gemma Moats was snatched.

The suspect, who was arrested by police the day after Edgar’s heroism, may have checked out the Lambert household before making for the Moats’. But when he came back days later to find a replacement for his escaped victim, it was Edgar who called the decisive shot.

“[The suspect] told the police he knows how dogs bark, and the difference between ‘hey,’ and ‘I’m going to hurt you,’” Lambert says.


Sunday morning at 345 AM, a human monster broke into our house, and set out to abduct and do something much worse to...

Posted by Thom Lambert on Tuesday, April 30, 2019