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This clinic found the perfect solution for cats who get stressed at the vet’s

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A trip to the vet’s can be quite stressful for your feline friend. Unlike dogs, cats tend not to be socialised to the outside world, and mostly know only the comforts of their own territory. But this vet clinic knows exactly what kitties need to ease the stress and relax.

By Justine Seraphin

Published on the 04/05/2019, 08:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:47

Vet clinics are stressful places, especially for those furry friends that don’t get out much. Cats who aren’t properly socialised can get quite anxious when in a crate and travelling in the car. The worst part may be sitting in the waiting room: it smells like disinfectant, harbours constant coming and going by staff and clients (strangers!) and is noisy - filled with panting and whining dogs.

Vets to the rescue

But who better than pet experts to fix this problem? Wilson Vets, in Bishop Auckland, has come up with the perfect solution to help alleviate some of the stress cats experience when they go to the clinic.

The clinic has created their very own ‘cat waiting room’! Cats only – no dogs. Once the door is closed, the noise from the main waiting room is completely gone; the room is utterly silent and in perfect condition to soothe the kitties to sleep before they see the doctor.

What’s more, there are tables available just for your cat’s crate – as we know cats feel safer when they can sit on top of high places. Towels sprayed with Pet Remedy are also available if you want to place one on top of the carrier, and a Feliway plug is constantly diffusing calming chemicals.


Our cat waiting room has now been open for 7 months!! This is a room dedicated to cats only, there are tables which you can place your cat basket on and also towels sprayed with Pet Remedy that you can drape over your carrier to help create a calming effect. A Feliway plug in is also used to create a less stressful environment while waiting for your appointment. When you arrive and check in at reception please feel free to use this room by the disabled entrance and when a vet or one of the nurses are ready to call you, they will come over to this room. For those of you that have used this room so far, we hope that it has made a difference to your visit. If you have used this room it would be great to hear some feedback from you. ?

Posted by Wilson Veterinary Group on Thursday, January 24, 2019


This revamp has earned the clinic a silver-status as a cat-friendly clinic through the International Society of Feline Medicine. Perhaps the most positive response though, is from the owners, who have started to use the waiting room and are beyond appreciative for it.

“We have had a positive response from clients to the improvements as our new facilities have made visiting the practice a much more positive experience for owners and their cats,” said Joanne Sichert, the practice’s cat advocate.

“Our vets have also told us that cats are much easier to examine in consults because they are calmer and more relaxed,” she continued.

This project is an overall success! We hope the idea will spread and we will see more separate waiting rooms; for the benefit of all!