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Tired of their soulless jobs, this couple gives it all up to live with 110 dogs!

Couple stand in front of their dog-sledding business dog-happy
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Do you ever get that feeling that your every-day life is ever so repetitive? Do you ever stare out the window when you’re at work and dream of far-away lands? Well this couple did – and so, they decided to give it all up…now their life has gone to the dogs!

By Justine Seraphin , 3 May 2019

It’s never too late to change paths! That’s what this brave couple proves! When they were tired of their ever-so-dull lifestyle, they decided to make a drastic change, and to follow their passion!

A dream come true

Audun and his wife, Mia, dreamed of leaving the city and simply living in the great outdoors – somewhere quiet, where the air was pure, and nature was bountiful. So, in 2010, they bought a couple of Huskies, and moved up to the very North of the world: Longyearbye, Norway.

As their love for the land and for their dogs grew, an idea stemmed: to create their own dog-sledding business.

The business has grown so much since the couple started their endeavour that they now own over 100 dogs!


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From dull office job to every-day adventures

Known as Svalbard Husky, the company offers various dog-sledding tours of their beautiful surroundings. You can go night sledding to see the aurora borealis, or explore the ice-caves with your Husky sidekick, and for the more-comfort oriented adventurers, you can simply undertake a day-trip mushing in the snow-covered valleys.


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However, since global warming is endangering their local ecosystem, Audun prefers to keep a limit on the amount of visitors that come to see their little slice of paradise in the far north.

The most important thing for the inspiring couple is not to increase their business’ turnover, but only to live in a quiet, peaceful environment, surrounded by all their loving dogs.

Sounds like a trip we are going to want to take in the near future!


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