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Artist creates indoor tree - and the cat approves

Fake indoor treehouse created by artist for cat cat-wow
© Robert Rogalski - Facebook

This imaginative indoor tree created by a cat-loving artist fascinates and captivates the family pet.

By Dawn Parrish

Published on the 03/05/2019, 14:30, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:47

When it comes to keeping our cats occupied, most pet lovers will buy a ready-made cat scratching post manufactured with wood, carpet and sisal rope. Artist Rob Rogalski’s creations are on a different level!

Artist’s quirky sculptures are enchanting

Rob Rogalski is a sculptor with exceptional creative skills. His designs include concept, unique designs, model building, and creature puppets. Yet even though the majority of his creations are intended for humans, he also has some feline supporters of his craft.


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Fake indoor tree installation is created over the summer

With time on his hands, Rob decided to attempt a new design at his friend’s home. He first drafted up a master plan and then began to construct the fake tree for his cat. A wooden framework was created, to which Rob then attached blocks of dense foam, which he carved to follow the shape of the tree’s trunk and branches. The whole structure was then enclosed in a paper pulp and clay compound. To complete the indoor tree structure and make it more durable, the model was coated with a heavy-duty wood glue. In some cases, Rob uses fibreglass resin too.


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Should you wish to have a fake tree constructed for your cat

The artist is taking commissions, if you are interested in this astonishing playhouse for your own cat. Rob is based in New York but will travel to your location. Of course, the cost varies upon your location, the size of fake tree you require, and the time and labour involved in the project.

Why not treat your cat, he really will have one of the most unique, feline playhouses in the world!


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