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Confident canines fearlessly play with sharks in a feeding frenzy

Dogs playfully chase sharks in Australia dog-wow
© Greg MacKinnon - Facebook

Most people would run a mile if they saw sharks swim by them, but a group of fearless dogs went right up to them and joined in the fun!

By Alice Lang , 3 May 2019

What would you do if you saw sharks swimming in the shallows? We’re guessing you’d either keep your distance or run as far away as you possibly can.

But it seems this bold group of canines don’t agree.

Sharks? Scary? Nah!

Dogs are clearly made of stronger stuff. The video, which is guaranteed to make you squirm, shows a confident group of pups pounding into the water and splashing around with the sharks.

Greg MacKinnon, who filmed the encounter on Murray Island in Australia, had noticed that a group of sharks had riled up a school of fish into the shallows, ending up in somewhat of a feeding frenzy.

The bold dogs galloped into the scene and immediately began playfully chasing and biting the sharks. Although a group of individuals can be heard shouting the dogs to try and encourage them back to shore, the pups seemed totally relaxed with their predator friends, and so, continued having fun.

Thankfully, no animals were harmed

It was all just fun and games, with both canines and sharks walking (or swimming) away completely unscathed. And it turns out, they might even be friends!

Mr MacKinnon explained to Sky News:  "It always appeared playful between the dogs and sharks, the sharks are always in the shallows and the dogs are island dogs so I'm pretty sure they know each other."

"The sharks seem to prey on small fish in the shallow waters. It was an incredible thing to see the dogs playing with the sharks, with two animals from different worlds interacting."

Pretty cool, huh? It's definitely an unlikely, yet incredible encounter!



Posted by Greg MacKinnon on Thursday, April 25, 2019