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This rescue dog show judges pups on nothing but their PERSONALITY!

American Rescue Dog Show dog-happy
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Dog shows are incredible and all, but wouldn’t they be better if they judged a dog on its personality, rather than its breed or looks? Introducing the first EVER American Rescue Dog Show…

By Alice Lang , 2 May 2019

There’s nothing better than adopting a rescue dog and giving it the life it has always deserved. While it might take a little bit of work to gain trust, it’s incredibly rewarding and fulfilling.

But while you and I are probably on the same page here, many, many others aren’t. So how do we convince the world that rescue dogs are worth a shot?

Introducing the first ever American Rescue Dog Show


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Well, the American Rescue Dog Show, which took place in February, is sure to play a part in showing the world just how adorable and deserving rescue dogs are.

While dog shows classically show perfect pure breeds (which are, of course, totally gorgeous and worthy), this alternative event judged dogs on their personality rather than breed or appearance.

The only requirement? Well, that the dog was a rescue, of course!

Rescue dogs competed for a variety of classes


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Eager rescue pups were able to compete to win an award in the following classes:

Best Couch Potato
Best In Fetching
Best In Kissing
Best In Listening
Best In Senior Dog
Best In Snoring
Best In Special Needs
Best In Talking
Best In Underbite
Best In Wiggle Butt

We absolutely love these crazy ideas - particularly the wiggle butt and snoring. Just brilliant, right?!

And the winners were in for a pawsome prize


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The winner of each title was able to compete for the ultimate title, the Best in Rescue. And our favourite part of the show? Well, the fact that $75,000 was awarded to winners in non-profit grants. How amazing is that?!

“It’s such an incredible idea for a show. It’s a chance to encourage people to ‘adopt, not shop,’ to showcase these unbelievable creatures and help end the epidemic of animal homelessness. A lot of people may not understand that there are so many beautiful dogs, pure breeds as well as mixed breeds, who need to be rescued,” Rebecca Romijn said to People.

You can check out all the incredible rescue winners on the American Rescue Dog Show website.


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