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This cat Mum didn't choose her kitten, the kitten chose her!

Adorable stray kittens approaches lady and finds her forever home cat-happy
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When animal-loving Kiara was out walking a dog, she assumed it would just be another average day. But little did she know, that after hearing an adorable meow, her life would change forever...

By Alice Lang

Published on the 02/05/2019, 17:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:47

Kiara, who lives in Florida and regularly walks dogs, was out and about walking one of her canine buddies. But suddenly, she heard a loud, fearless meow and immediately spotted a little bundle of fur run towards her.

The kitty just wanted a fur-end

With its bold, incessant meowing and confidence in approaching Kiara, it was clear that the adorable baby feline desperately wanted some attention.


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Speaking to Love Meow, Kiara explained: "When I finished my walk, I went back to where I'd seen her and was petting her and giving her love."

She asked a nearby resident if the tiny kitten had a home. But as it turned out, the lonely kitty had been homeless in the area for quite some time - but no one had come to her rescue.

But Kiara thought she’d make the purrfect companion

"The whole time, I was holding her and she was purring away. As the woman continued to tell me her story, I knew she'd be mine," Kiara said.

Curled up in Kiara’s arms, the decision was made. But Kiara knew she had a tough job ahead of her: "Her fur was dirty with oil and grease, and she was covered in fleas,”.

After taking the kitten home to meet her boyfriend, Kiara gave the weak kitty a well-needed bath, and the water turned vivid red-brown. She was only skin and bones, having been food-deprived for weeks on end.

But she quickly perked up


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Naming the lucky kitty Hope, the couple got settled into a new routine, making sure that their new-found feline baby got some much-needed TLC.

"I'll never forget the first time she kneaded and she was so comfy in her bed. It was probably the first secure thing she'd ever had. She now had a reliable source of food, love, comfort, and toys,"

"Hope was just so happy to have someone who wanted to cuddle with her and love her. For the first time, she felt love and it was apparent."

Well, one thing's for sure. Kiara didn't choose Hope, Hope chose her - and it was the bestdecision of her life!


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