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Debate in Italy over man who killed neighbour’s dog: cruelty or self defence?

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In Santa Teresa, an elderly dog was recently killed by a neighbour who claims the act was done in self-defence.

By Justine Seraphin , 30 Apr 2019

It was Danielle Arras’ neighbour who ended the dog’s life. And though he claims the dog was attacking and he only did what he had to do to save himself, something in the story does not add up, and is causing debate in Italy.

The act

When the police showed up at Daniele’s house to tell her her dog had violently attacked someone, she was sure they could not be talking about her dog. Indeed, she knew her dog to be calm and gentle, not at all the way the police described him to be. Yet, it is indeed her dog she discovered when the police lead her to his dead body.

The animal had been brutally killed with an axe owned by Daniele’s neighbour. Daniele immediately told the police she had had some problems already in the past with this neighbour, and that they did not get along.

The claim

The neighbour admitted to the crime, but determinedly claimed that the dog was acting aggressively towards him, and lunged, trying to attack him.

There is no proof of the events that occurred, but after all, why not? The dog may have sensed the animosity between the neighbour and the owner and wanted to defend the latter. Perhaps, being old and blind in one eye, he was surprised by the man’s presence, and acted out of fear.

The truth?

Something in the story still doesn’t add up. A similar event had already occurred back in 2015. Daniele’s neighbour had accused her dogs of killing his rabbits – she paid compensation for them to avoid any further tensions. Despite this, her neighbour soon came back with a new request, and this time, Daniele had to put her foot down. A couple of days later, she found her dogs kennels empty, bloodied, with bullets in the place they once stood.

Now her 17-year old Giacomo has been axed to death, an animal who was not only elderly, but also described as sweet and playful…

While there is no evidence this story has sparked debate in Italy.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Daniele who, whatever the case may be, lost her beloved pet.


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