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Simon Cowell in tears after viewing dog act on Britain’s Got Talent

Simon Cowell cries at German Shepherd mind-reading act dog-wow
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The act consisted of German Shepherd Finn, and his handler police man Dave. Although all Dave said at the beginning of the act was that his dog was special, fans were truly shocked when they realised the GSD was in fact a mind-reader.

By Justine Seraphin , 30 Apr 2019

He’s a mind reader!

David Williams was first asked to write any random word down on a piece of paper. He showed this word to Finn – and Finn only. Then Finn returned to his owner and they engaged in a little psychic moment together.

It appears the somewhat spiritual dog was able to tell his owner what was written on the piece of paper with simply a stare. Amazingly, after looking deep into his companion’s eyes, Dave correctly guessed the word ‘table’ was written on the piece of paper.

Later in the show, Simon is asked to come up to the stage and flip through a notebook containing a variety of words. He chooses the word ‘heroic’. And when he looks at what is engraved on the dog’s collar, he reads the word ‘heroic’, a word that Finn had already chosen prior to the start of the act. Incredible.

The bravest pooch out there

As if that wasn’t jaw-dropping enough, the act featured a little presentation including pictures and tear-jerking music. During this moment, Dave explained the true reason behind he and his dog’s deep connection.

The two were actually partners on the police force, and also best friends. One day in 2016, an offender tried to stab Dave with a 10-inch knife. Dave could’ve died that day, if Finn hadn’t jumped in and taken the knife wound for himself. For days, the dog was left balancing between life and death. Dave stayed by his side, loving him and caring for him until he started to get better.

Finn has now made a full recovery, but the bond between these two is undeniable.

And it shows with their amazing act! Bravo to these two courageous officers, may they have a wonderful life together.