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Over 400 German Shepherds rescued from a living nightmare

German Shepherds on a puppy farm dog-happy
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In Georgia, USA, a property was discovered harbouring hundreds of completely neglected dogs.

By Justine Seraphin , 29 Apr 2019

A long struggle

Animal advocacy groups in Montgomery County (Georgia , USA), had long been calling for legal action against the owner of hundreds of German Shepherd Dogs that were living in very poor conditions. They accused this ‘breeder’ of keeping over 200 of the dogs in deplorable conditions on a farm. Neighbours often complained about the constant barking and howling, and even witnessed the neglect the dogs were subjected to.

Puppy farm horrors

Police investigators had visited the German Shepherd farm months prior, but had not found anything that would be sufficient to pursue action, in their opinion. Despite this, animal welfare activists continued to fight for the Germans Shepherds’ freedom. It wasn’t until one of the activists entered the property incognito and filmed the dreadful facilities that the Police finally decided to take action.

As it stands today, the breeder has been formally charged with a crime of animal abuse and dogs are being taken to local shelters in the area. The woman had been breeding the dogs and selling them.

“This is an easy business to be in. You just put two dogs together that you want to breed and you breed them. You put them on the internet and people will start buying them from you,” Claudine Wilkins, from the non-profit Animal Law Source, told WSB-TV.

Saved from abuse and looking for love

When the rescuers went to save the hundreds of dogs, they discovered the extent to which these poor dogs had been neglected: “We were walking in mud and faeces up to our knees. It was so bad that the igloos that she had for the dogs were submerged in water. So there was no place for these dogs to stand in a dry spot”, Wilkins continued.

The dogs were living in cattle enclosures, with no access to food or clean water. Most of the animals had developed all sorts of skin diseases.

Although rescuers had at first estimated there to be between 150 and 300 dogs, they soon discovered that there were over 400 dogs living on the breeder’s property! Although emergency medical care was given to those who needed it, it took several days before every one of the dogs were off the property and in a shelter’s care.

Many different shelters are taking in the incredible amount of dogs seized from the property. The dogs are all on the road to recovery, but these shelters need donations and adopters to help care for them! We hope all the dogs will soon get to their forever homes, and finally get the life they deserve. Let this be a lesson to all - never buy your puppy from anyone but a reputable breeder! And if you can, adopt!

Posted by Atlanta Humane Society on Friday, January 4, 2019

UPDATE: Yesterday, the most medically in-need animals from the Candler County rescue site arrived in Atlanta to receive...

Posted by Atlanta Humane Society on Saturday, January 5, 2019