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Rejected by his family, this tiny blind kitten gets a second chance at life

Tiny blind kitten rejected by his litter finds happiness cat-happy
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A blind kitten was rejected by his litter and didn’t think he would ever be chosen for adoption. His life changed one day though, when a cat lover paid him a visit.

By Dawn Parrish

Published on the 30/04/2019, 07:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:47

Kerry Denman just adores cats of all shapes, size and colour. She often spent “cuddle time” with various kittens who arrived at the rescue shelter. Although she loved cats, she had no intention of adopting any on this occasion.

Cat lover spots rejected kitten

Soon after Kerry arrived to check out the litter of kittens, she noticed an adorable grey and white kitty sitting all alone. It was apparent that this little kitten had been rejected by his litter siblings and even his mother cat didn’t want to know him. This baby cat had many health problems: skeletal abnormalities, patellar luxation, feline diabetes and worst case of all, he was blind. Immediately Kerry picked up this little kitten, and he relaxed in her hands.

Blind kitten touches Kerry’s heart strings

The cat lover soon returned home, but she couldn’t get the image of the tiny blind kitten out of her mind. The following day, she knew she had to do the right thing and so she headed to the cat shelter with the intention of bringing him home. She gave him the name “Louie the Blind Cat”.

Blind kitten soon settles into his new home

Of course, Louie’s first day in Kerry’s home was very different to everything he was used to, but the blind kitten who was rejected by his litter was very brave. He loved exploring his new surroundings and especially enjoyed playing with his new squeaky toys. He soon learned to follow Kerry’s voice and always felt very safe when close by her. He is often to be found at the centre of any action and his health problems certainly don’t appear to cause him many problems.

This special kitty uses his other senses

Although this blind kitten has changed his life after being rejected by his mum and litter, he still has several issues to overcome. He may not be able to see, but by using his whiskers and other senses he manages to cope with most things. Over the previous years, since Kerry showed him such amazing kindness, he has been doing really well. His strength and resilience have helped him to overcome his limitations and he certainly lives his life to the fullest.

Louie the blind kitten is definitely one happy cat!


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