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Blind man's dog stolen while he shopped

Beagle dog outdoors dog-angry
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Just a few minutes of his gathering some groceries from the local Aldi was all the time thieves needed to strike at the heart of Detlef Teuscher.

By Nick Whittle , 29 Apr 2019

Now the blind 68-year-old Düsseldorfer is without the dog that helped him to navigate busy city streets and parks, and provided him with companionship.

The whole thing lasted a maximum of ten minutes,’ Teuscher told The Express.When I came out, my dog did not greet me. I groped for him and he was not there anymore. He had disappeared along with the leash.’

Teuscher was introduced to five year old Arco in 2016 after a disease led to his losing vision in both eyes; since then he has relied completely on his faithful dog to show him the way. The pair is often seen out and about in Düsseldorf-Wersten, and Arco has gained a reputation as 'Aldi Arco' due to his always being present when Teuscher does his weekly shop.

Police have since been on the trail of thieves who struck in the morning of Monday of this week (w/c 22/4/19).

Direct appeal for the return of Arco

Teuscher is also appealing directly to the thieves for the return of his beloved beagle. ‘They probably did not even know that it was a guide dog which I rely on,’ he said. ‘Please have a look and return my Arco.’

Last year a blind man from Salford, UK who had unleashed his guide dog to let it have a run in a local park suffered the same fate. Witnesses reported seeing a woman later asking passers-by for some rope and holding on to a dog that matched the description of the guide dog.

Despite the dog being clearly marked as the property of The Guide Dogs for the Blind Association it was never found.