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Big surprise for vet who wrongly predicts size of Dalmatian litter

Four dalmatian puppies feed from mum dog-wow
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In June of 2017 an Australian vet couldn’t have been more wrong in his prediction of how many puppies were about to be born to a Dalmatian bitch. Read on to discover what the margin of error was.

By Nick Whittle , 29 Apr 2019

When she discovered her dog Miley was pregnant, Aussie Cecilia Langton-Bunkergot set to work to ensure her house was clean, tidy and ready to receive the puppies. Ms Langton-Bunkergot already had six years of experience under her belt of breeding Dalmatians, thus a vet's prediction of a three-pup litter did not overly concern her.

Miley went into labour in May of 2017 and delivered three pups but the number swelled over the next few hours to no less than 16. Miley eventually gave birth to 18 puppies.

At 16, we thought it was over. But after more than thirteen hours of work, she gave birth to two other puppies, it was incredible,’ said Cecilia Langton-Bunkergot.

Record breaking

The multiple births made international news. Miley, Langton-Bunkergot and her company CCDalmatians had to their amazement set a record for the ‘largest Dalmatian Litter in Australian History’, according to the CCDalmatians website.

The litter consisted of 12 bitches and 6 dogs, all of which have since been chipped, vaccinated and re-homed.

Of the vet who estimated Miley to be carrying just three pups nothing more was heard.

According to Guinness World Records, the largest ever number of puppies born in one bout of labour was 24. The bitch was a British Neapolitan Mastiff called Tia. Tia gave birth to her litter on the 29th November 2004. Although three died in the first week of life and one was still-born, there were 9 bitches and 15 dogs in total.