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Neglected dog, matted coat, twist in the tale

Grey dog clipped of his fur dog-happy
© チロのアトリエ - YouTube

When a dog’s fur is left to grow so thickly that it can only be cut with garden shears, its owner is likely to face charges of cruelty.

By Nick Whittle , 29 Apr 2019

In the case of a dog called Kyo it was unclear to whom he belonged. In February of this year (2019) the little dog was found in a quiet side street of Kyoto city, Japan, his fur so overgrown that he could barely walk.

Rescuers were on scene in a matter of moments of Kyo being found. They took the dog into care and attended to what appeared to be a thick blanket of diseased and pest-ridden fur.

A YouTube video chronicles the dog’s transformation at the hands of enthusiastic yet gentle carers. Despite his obvious discomfort, the dog seems happy and lively.

Dreadlocks and mats

Cutting through layers of matted and soiled hair proved a challenge to the groomers. To shear back the fur to the skin they had to apply a lot of force without hurting the dog in the process. It was necessary at times to resort to garden shears to remove the worst of the hair.

The video shows Kyo, denuded of the blanket of dreadlocks and mats, jumping and running alongside the people who gave him ultimately a new lease of life.

The groomers were surprised to learn that Kyo is in fact a cross-breed poodle.

There are some breeds of dog that require regular visits to a groomer. Poodles are one such breed. A groomer clips the dogs hair to a shorter length and looks after its claws and eyes.

A dog that is seen with matted and dirty fur and overgrown nails is likely to be the victim of animal cruelty. Not to make sure a dog is well-looked after and regularly groomed is neglectful. An owner who is found guilty of this sort of neglect will be prosecuted under the Animal Welfare Act of 2006.