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Corgi becomes impromtu cheerleader for marathoners

Max the corgi gets petted at the sidelines of the race dog-happy
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Max the Corgi attended the 10-kilometre run with his owner Colin in New Orleans. What he didn’t expect was to be the centre of attention at the race.

By Dawn Parrish , 28 Apr 2019

The race begins with the Corgi watching from the side-lines

The dog’s owner Colin and his friend, Mary Jacobs go cheer on members of their local gym who are running the 10K Crescent City Classic. They stand on the road side watching as the runners compete. Max the Corgi begins to look rather tired, so at this point Colin picks up the little dog and holds him in his arms.

Runners find it difficult to resist petting the cute Corgi

As many dog owners understand, its often quite difficult to walk on by past a cute pooch and this is exactly the case on this race day. As the race competitors approached, each one crossed over to where Colin was standing, with Max in his arms. The dog charmed every runner by offering his fluffy tummy for a belly rub. Its not known if the runners thought that giving the adorable dog’s tummy a rub was lucky, or perhaps just a slight deviation to the ongoing race.

Max the Corgi was definitely the winner

Although the runners still had quite some distance to go in the race, they all took the time to add a few seconds to run over and see the Corgi. It was clear that not only the runners enjoyed this feat, but Max did too. He laid back and lapped up all of the attention, and of course he enjoyed the belly rubs too.


Fluffy corgi max providing all the belly pets to keep the runners inspired during the Crescent City Classic Also feat. MR APRIL! Colin!

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